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Origin OS is a user interface (UI) designed by Vivo that is built on top of Android. It is known for its clean and minimalist design, smooth animations, and customizable features. The EMUI Magic UI theme is a custom theme designed specifically for Huawei and Honor devices that brings the look and feel of Origin OS to these devices.

The EMUI Magic UI theme features a simple and elegant design with a white background and blue accents that give the UI a modern and sophisticated look. The icons are also redesigned to match the style of Origin OS, with clean and crisp lines that are easy on the eyes.

In addition to its aesthetic design, the EMUI Magic UI theme also includes various customization options that allow users to tailor the UI to their liking. Users can choose from a variety of different wallpapers, icon packs, and other themes to further personalize their devices.

Overall, the EMUI Magic UI theme brings the beautiful design and user-friendly features of Origin OS to Huawei and Honor devices, providing users with a refreshing and enjoyable UI experience.

Highlighted Features For EMUI | Magic UI Users

1. Minimalistic Design: Origin OS Theme offers a clean and minimalist interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

2. Customizable Icons: With Origin OS Theme, you can customize the icons on your device to match your preferences and style.

3. Animated Wallpapers: The theme offers a wide range of animated wallpapers that give your device a dynamic and lively look.

4. Smart Sidebar: The smart sidebar feature of Origin OS Theme allows you to access your favourite apps, contacts, and settings with just a swipe.

5. Multi-Turbo: Origin OS Theme comes with Multi-Turbo technology that optimizes your device's performance and boosts its speed.

6. Super Screenshot: The theme offers a Super Screenshot feature that allows you to take screenshots of scrolling pages, long articles, and more.

7. Always-On Display: With the Always-On Display feature, you can customize your device's lock screen with useful information such as the time, date, and notifications.

8. Dark Mode: Origin OS Theme offers a dark mode feature that reduces eye strain and conserves battery life.

9. Battery Optimization: The theme comes with advanced battery optimization features that help prolong your device's battery life.

10. Privacy Protection: Origin OS Theme offers robust privacy protection features, such as app locking, to keep your data and personal information secure.

Theme Information 
Name OriginOS Pix
Format: Hwt, Huawei Theme Apk
Designer: Rahul_Sharma
Compatibility: EMUI 11.0 | Magic UI 7/6/5/4 | HarmonyOS

**Internet Connection Required to Open the Programme**
Now it supports the Huawei  EMUI 9/10/MagicUi2.1 version Please check your EMUI version before proceeding to Download

How to Fix Common Issues?
Battery issue?
Restart your device

The above theme is designed for Huawei   EMUI 9/10/Magic Ui 2.1, Please check your device's EMUI version before installing it on your device

Some contents will not be visible on the Huawei EMUI 9/10/MagicUi 2.1  running device due to the latest updates, this update breaks some of the theme's features.

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Download Link:
Download Free EMUI | Magic UI Theme
Download OriginOS Pix Magic UI Theme

Note: Restart your device after applying the theme if anything is overlapping or not visible properly. This theme has been tested and it's working perfectly without any issues.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful EMUI | Magic UI theme on your Honor Device.

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